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Mature Students

Applicants who do not meet the basic admission requirements as detailed in Section 8 of the General Regulations of the Private Career Colleges Regulation Act may be admitted to a program under mature student status provided the following conditions are met:

1. The applicant is at least 21 years of age and has been out of school for a minimum of one year.

2. The applicant participates in an interview process with a designated admissions representative of the private career college. In the process of the interview, the applicant will be required by the college to provide the following supporting documentation:

• School transcripts

• Letter outlining future plans and the

• Reasons they expect to successfully complete the program of studies

• Personal resume

• Letters of reference (3)

The applicant may be asked to participate in a standardized admission test in accordance with the admission requirements for the particular program or college. The standardized test [for example, the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) or Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)] must be one that is approved through the Canadian Adult Test Centre. Confirmation of approval of the test must be forwarded to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

Acceptance under the mature student policy is ultimately made by the Admissions Officer, Registrar or other such named person who has a good understanding of the demands of the training program and profession that the mature student is preparing to undertake.

Admission requirements are established in a manner to ensure that applicants to the program have a reasonable probability of success in the program. The admission requirements for each Private Career College are stated in the registration information each school provides to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

The Private Career Colleges Regulation Act can be found here: