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Module 2: Introduction to Horseshoer’s Craft (FAR 101)

Length: 48 hours

Module Prerequisite: None


Module subjects include heritage of farriers, farrier tools and use, horse handling, safety and terms, balance, bones and joints of the leg, tendons and ligaments of the leg.


Students will be able to choose well made suitable tools for his/her farrier needs; handle a horse safely; list the procedures assessing a new horse and owner; illustrate the three axis of the balanced foot; illustrate and identify the bones, tendons and ligaments of the leg.

Textbooks: Principles of Horseshoeing

Method of Evaluation:

Assignments     5%

Quizzes            5%

Practical         20%

Portfolio          20%

Exam              50%

For a total of 100%. The module itself is worth 20% of the total course mark. The Portfolio and exam for all modules will be done at the end of the course for all modules.


The quizzes will take place on site, the practical work will be at various barns.


Lecture, instructor led practical, classroom/lab, practicum and video.


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