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Module 3: Basic Skills of the Horseshoer’s Craft (FAR 102)

Length: 54 hours

Module Prerequisite: Module 2 (FAR 101)


Module will cover foot physiology, foot anatomy, machine made shoe selection, shoe fitting and nailing, pad types and applications, common foot problems


The student will be able to describe the actions and reactions of the foot as the horse is in motion; identify a well made and well fit shoe; choose the appropriate pad for the shoe and determine the necessity; draw; identify and describe the proper shoeing or trimming procedures for common foot problems.

Textbook: Principles of Horseshoeing

Method of Evaluation:

Assignments    5%

Quizzes    5%

Practical 20%

Portfolio 20%

Exam  50%

For a total of 100%. The module itself is worth 20% of the total course mark. The Portfolio and exam for all modules will be done at the end of the course for all modules.


The quiz will take place on-site, the practical work will be done at various barns and the on-site blacksmith shop.


Lecture, instructor led practical, classroom/lab, practicum and video.

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