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Module 5: Specialized Skills of the Horseshoer’s Craft (FAR 104)

Length: 27 hours

Prerequisite: Modules, 2, 3, 4 (FAR 101, 102 and 103)


Module covers shoeing for laminitis; foal and weanling foot care; shoeing the hind limb, shoeing performance horses.


Students will be able to describe and illustrate in layman’s terms what laminitis is, its prognosis and how to shoe for it; balance the hind foot; shoe the hind foot; identify and describe how to shoe the different disciplines of performance horses.

Textbook: Principles of Horseshoeing

Method of Evaluation:

Assignments    5%

Quizzes           5%

Practical         20%

Portfolio         20%

Exam            50%

For a total of 100%. The module itself is worth 20% of the total course mark. The Portfolio and exam for all modules will be done at the end of the course for all modules.


The quiz will take place on-site, the practical work will be done at various barns and the on-site blacksmith shop.


Lecture, instructor led practical, practicum and video.

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